Sharing Calls

Begin DateTitleCityState
4/23/2020Quarterly Technology Sharing Call - April 23, 2020ONLINE, 4PM ET 2QTC20
5/13/2020CPAConnect Member Resource Overview Q2 2020ONLINE, 3PM ETFLCPACRVQ220
5/14/2020Executive Technology Sharing Call - May 14, 2020ONLINE, 4PM ET 1ETC20
5/19/2020Recovering From Busy Season BurnoutONLINE, 3:00 PM ET BURNOUTSC
5/26/2020CPAConnect and PCPS – A New Strategic RelationshipONLINE, 3:00 PM ET CPACPCPS
6/24/2020The Evolution of CPA Licensure & The Profession's FutureONLINE, 4:00 Pm ET SC6242020
7/9/2020Quarterly Technology Sharing Call - July 9, 2020ONLINE, 4PM ET 3QTC20
8/19/2020CPAConnect Member Resource Overview Q3 2020ONLINE, 3PM ETFLCPACRVQ320
10/22/2020Quarterly Technology Sharing Call - October 22, 2020ONLINE, 4PM ET 4QTC20
11/5/2020Executive Technology Sharing Call - November 5, 2020ONLINE, 4PM ET 2ETC20
11/18/2020CPAConnect Member Resource Overview Q4 2020ONLINE, 3PM ETFLCPACRVQ420
12/9/2020Annual Tax Technology Sharing CallONLINE, 4PM ET TAXTECH20