CPAmerica Sponsors

One of the most significant aspects to membership in CPAConnect, is the access to our parent organization, CPAmerica, Inc.  Members of CPAmerica enjoy mutual market protections throughout the United States and, as such, work cooperatively with the CPAConnect members in their area through a sponsor relationship.

This sponsor firm arrangement affords the CPAConnect member enhanced opportunities for joint engagements, technical support, practice continuation, and succession planning, whereas the CPAmerica firm can gain additional A&A work that CPAConnect may not perform, or can offer such specialized services to CPAConnect clients as wealth management or business valuations.

CPAConnect affords its members the opportunity to remain independent yet, at the same time, tap into a much broader and more powerful array of services and products available from the CPAmerica association, and have access to the quality national resources and expanded service capability through their local CPAmerica sponsor firm.  A CPAConnect firm can expand its client service opportunities, enhance its practice value and extend its leverage.

View the sponsor guide for more details.