CPAmerica Adds Leader in Practice Management Resources Provider


Gainesville, Fla. (May 3, 2021) – CPAmerica, Inc. is proud to welcome INSIDE Public Accounting (IPA) as a new preferred provider for the association. Elevating IPA as a preferred provider builds on a long-term relationship and gives member firms additional access to a leader in practice management resources for the public accounting profession.

IPA assists accounting firms by diving deeper into their specific practice management needs and assisting with an ongoing strategy. The IPA team are sought-after speakers, both domestically and internationally, and they specialize in accounting firm trends, leadership issues, benchmarking and analysis.

“IPA has had the great pleasure of working with CPAmerica and its member firms on practice management benchmarking services for over a decade,” said Mike Platt, principal of IPA. “As a preferred provider, we can bring even greater access to tools, resources, consulting and partner retreat talent to help CPAmerica firms successfully navigate the many changes affecting the profession today.”

INSIDE Public Accounting is one of more than 50 preferred providers of CPAmerica, Inc.

“We are excited to continue our strong relationship with INSIDE Public Accounting by adding them as a new preferred provider for the association,” said Alan Deichler, president of CPAmerica. “CPAmerica preferred providers must go through a stringent approval process in order to get the seal of approval from the membership.”


About CPAmerica, Inc.:
An accounting association made up of independent certified public accounting firms that built on four key goals: to continuously improve; to make more money; to strengthen relationships among member firms; and to bring prestige to firms both domestically and internationally. As a member of Crowe Global, a top-10 global accounting network, CPAmerica expands to over 286 independent accounting and advisory services firms in 130 countries and has a combined firm revenue of $4.2 billion. Learn more about CPAmerica at

About INSIDE Public Accounting:
INSIDE Public Accounting (IPA) is a leader in practice management resources for the public accounting profession that include:  the monthly practice management newsletter, the annual national practice management benchmarking reports and corresponding reports and training. IPA has assisted firms across North America grow and thrive since 1985. Learn more at