Membership Benefits

Our vision is built on four key goals

  • To continuously improve
  • To make more money
  • To strengthen relationships among member firms
  • To bring prestige to firms both domestically and internationally

The primary hallmark of the association is its ability to assist all members in growing and strengthening their respective firms, mainly through facilitating support and member sharing. The association provides several resources for accomplishing cooperation and sharing. 

CPAmerica's Hybrid Sharing Model

We are a unique association that gets the best of both worlds. As members of the network, Crowe Global, our member firms have access to experts in the top 10 global accounting network in the world, and can member share with our 87 firms in the U.S.


Crowe LLP National Tax Office

Through membership in CPAmerica, Crowe LLP’s National Tax Office offers an opportunity for CPAmerica member firms to gain access to resources and specialists in the National Tax Office.


International Reach Crowe Global

CPAmerica is a member of Crowe Global, which provides worldwide business and financial resources, referral options and information to our members. Crowe Global is one of the top 10 global accounting networks in the world with over 200 independent accounting and advisory firms in more than 130 countries.


Events and Meetings

Each member firm is encouraged to send representatives to each major CPAmerica conference, roundtable and regional meeting pertinent to the firm. Participation in these activities builds relationships with, and awareness of, other member firms.

Expert Services

CPAmerica member firms have certain CPA practitioners who possess superior knowledge that can benefit the overall membership. This wealth of expertise is in virtually every business and financial area, especially the most viable industry and service niches. To help facilitate the transfer of knowledge, and to afford members the opportunity to gain assistance on joint engagements, the association's member service platform provides two primary avenues for experts to convey knowledge:

  • Profile sharing – All member firms who have partners and professional staff possessing superior qualifications, certifications or experience within specific practice areas or industry niches are requested to provide a personnel profile for inclusion on the members-only website.
  • Teleconferences/sharing calls All member firms are asked on occasion, to provide partners and professional staff possessing superior qualifications, certifications, or experience within specific practice areas or industry niches as instructors or facilitators.


Visitation Improvement Program (VIP)

Each member firm will be visited by peers under the VIP every four years. Leading partners will be asked to serve on VIP teams to ensure two consultants are available for each VIP session. VIP fosters continuous improvement among members.


CPAmerica offers members a four-part A&A Webinar Series, an eight-part Tax Webinar Series, as well as other technical webinars, in addition to several A&A trainings annually.


CPAmerica offers a variety of surveys to our member firms, as well as, four surveys that our members complete to allow participants to benchmark their efforts with other member firms across the nation. Examples are our Practice Management Survey, Member Satisfaction Survey, Employee Engagement Survey, Client Satisfaction Survey and a several benchmarking surveys.

Discussion Lists

Each member firm should have at least one participant on each of the association’s primary discussion lists (i.e., leading partners, tax, A&A, marketing, firm administration, technology and human resources). In addition, for each of the top five industry concentrations reported in the “Practice Management Survey,” the member firm will select at least one firm representative to participate in that related niche discussion group (i.e., nonprofit, manufacturing, construction, etc.).