White Papers

What Should a Mid-Tier Firm be Doing to Prepare for Innovative Technology

by Jim Bourke, CPA, CFF, CITP, CGMA, Partner at WitumSmith+Brown, PC

Firms are currently scrambling to “innovate” existing processes and procedures as they relate to audit and tax services. At the same time, firms are beginning to understand how these innovative technologies are creating opportunities for monetization in the advisory services arena.


Building a NextGen Firm

by Jennifer Wilson and Brianna Johnson, ConvergenceCoaching, LLC

Driven primarily by shifting demographics and technology innovation, change is impacting virtually every aspect of the profession. Today’s firm leaders have both the opportunity and responsibility to prepare their firms to thrive in the new world where Millennials will dominate the work force and Generation Z will make their impact known, too.


CPA Firm Succession Planning

by Joel Sinkin and Terry Putney, Transition Advisors, LLC 

The overall outlook by CPAs of the national economy continues to improve, according to recent AICPA studies, and CPA firms are anxious to help their clients continue with their economic recoveries. CPAs are highly respected by the business community for their integrity, exceptional competence and value to their organizations.


Vision for the Profession 

by Carl George, Carl George Advisory, LLC

I am extremely confident about the future of our profession.  There are signs of an economic recovery in our country, but our clients still have significant issues and need workable solutions.